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Dunleavy asks for resignations from broadened group of state workers

Gov.-elect Mike Dunleavy announces his transition policy council at the Security Aviation hangar in Anchorage. Nov. 9, 2018. (Photo by Andrew Kitchenman/KTOO and Alaska Public Media)

The incoming governor is asking an unusually high number of state workers to resign and reapply for their jobs.

In a press release Friday afternoon, transition team spokeswoman Sarah Erkmann Ward wrote that Gov.-elect Mike Dunleavy wants to “broaden the scope of which employees” will be asked to offer leaving their jobs. She said the request applies to all employees who are legally classified as “exempt or partially exempt,” a category that applies to roughly 1,200 current workers, according to state workforce data.

It is customary for incoming administrations to ask high-level officials to offer their resignations. Dunleavy’s incoming chief of staff, Tuckerman Babcock, said in Friday’s announcement that given the vision Dunleavy laid out during the campaign, it is fair to ask employees whether or not they want to continue working for the administration.

In the letter to state workers, Babcock wrote that not everyone who offers to resign will be let go.


Source: npr

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