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Trygg Air Taxi Service into King Salmon

Chris Klosterman is the owner/operator of Trygg Air, an Alaskan commercial air taxi that offers safe and reliable transportation into the vast Alaskan landscape.  With more than 20 years experience flying in Alaska, you’re in safe hands with Chris.  Trygg Air offers year-round air taxi service, configured to operate on floats, wheels, and skis.

As the son of a well known “Bush” pilot, Chris was brought up in the Alaska aviation and sport fishing industries and has continued his passion for flying, fishing, and hunting.  He has a strong connection to Alaska and brings a wealth of experience from his personal and professional background to his outdoor pursuits.  This knowledge is something he genuinely enjoys sharing with Trygg Air clients.

Chris has an impeccable safety record and his skill ensures guests a great experience, wherever that may be.

With the convenience of Trygg Air operating from the King Salmon Lodge dock, guests have easy fly-out access to the many lakes, rivers and streams in the Bristol Bay region of Southwest Alaska.

The fly-out map represents some great fishing spots that you may use as a general guide with approximate times and cost.

Contact Chris and you will discover that he has many more (secret) fishing spots not listed that you could only dream of flying to.